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“This is a must do for all ladies and and only with Devine Studios! They make you feel so beautiful and Lora and Joe are extremely talented at making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I am so happy that I did this and loved all my photos!” – Mrs. A


“Joe and Lora are absolutely amazing at what they do. While their wedding photo’s are breathtaking, the boudoir experience is clearly their specialty. Lora works her magic with makeup and hair and Joe captures the whole experience on camera with great finesse. They both make you feel so comfortable. I am blown away with the photos that I have. They truly made me feel beautiful when life is so hectic. I highly recommend this experience.” – Miss H


“DO IT! My cousin had done a boudoir shoot as a gift for her husband when they got married about five years ago. I thought it was such a unique gift and she looked so hot! When it came time to start thinking about a wedding day gift for my fiancé, a boudoir shoot crossed my mind. I would research it a little and then talk myself out of it. (I obviously would look super awkward and chubby posing in lingerie. (forget about being topless)) But, somehow I finally decided to pull the trigger and, after a few weeks of research, found Devine Studios. I decided to go with them because they were reasonably priced and I liked a lot of photos on their website. I called in July and talked to Lora about setting up a session. She was super friendly on the phone and very informative. I set up my appointment for 6 weeks out so I would have time to get a nice tan and lose those extra ten pounds. Well…over the next six weeks I got sunburnt, peeled, drank beer and ate hot dogs. The week arrived and I was not super tan, I had not lost those ten pounds, and I was feeling kind of bummed out.
Even so, since I had already paid for the session and our wedding was quickly approaching there was no backing out now.
That morning I was so nervous, I brought my cousin with me for moral support. Turns out, I really didn’t need her. (sorry, cuz) We got to Joe and Lora’s house and the second I walked in, the nervousness began to turn into excitement. The first 20 or so minutes I just talked with Lora and she showed me some examples of other shoots she had done, I showed her some pictures I had found on Pinterest and we talked about my level of comfort with regard to how much skin I really wanted to show. I showed her the outfits I had brought and she told me what she thought would look/photograph best. Then, it was time to head to hair and makeup. While Lora was doing my hair and makeup I drank some champagne, we all chatted and joked around and, the time my hair and makeup was done,- 1. I felt like Lora was one of my best friends and 2. I LOOKED SUPER HOT! How did this happen? My hair has NEVER looked this good. BUT, the most important part was, I looked like myself. Lora did and AMAZING job. Now, let me preface with I am a size 8-10. I am incredibly self-conscious about my wide hips, thunder thighs, and (most days) I feel like my face looks a little chubby. None of that crossed my mind the entire time we were shooting. I put on my first outfit and, magically, all my negative thoughts and reservations flew out the window. Joe did most of the shooting and Lora posed me and made sure my eyes kept their “sparkle”. I had originally thought it might be kind of weird having a man I had never met(or really any man) take pics of me bearing it all, but it was the exact opposite. Never did I feel like we were in some Austin Powers movie and Joe was going to suddenly exclaim, “Yeah baby, give it to me!” (Although that may have been funny.) I felt classy, beautiful, and sexy. They complimented me the entire time. We went through all the outfits I had picked out and did all of the poses I had suggested plus 1000 more that Lora and Joe came up with.
Afterwards, I left feeling amazing, then, that amazing feeling turned into…oh God…I didn’t even pay attention to what my face was doing. I surely looked awkward in 90% of the shots. I should have sucked in my stomach more. I should have done all the shots from the side or with me laying on my back (because that’s when our stomach looks best, am I right, ladies?) But, whatevs, it was fun. If I looked like an awkward sausage, so be it.
Fast forward a couple of weeks and OH MY GOD. I met with Lora and we went through a slide show of all the pictures Joe and Lora had selected. There were great ones from every outfit!!! Front, side, back view… I looked HOT but, most importantly, I looked like myself! I cannot recommend Joe and Lora enough. They are an amazing team and I PROMISE you will not regret it. My fiance is going to shit his pants. It is such a confidence booster and I’ve never felt better about myself.” – Mrs. K




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