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Here is just a sneak peak from one of our clients’ recent sessions.  After hair and makeup she was feeling beautiful and sexy and it really showed.  Just a few poses in and her inner diva was out in full force.  She had so much fun and left feeling revived and even more sensual than she had ever before.

Though this may not be a side of yourself you show very often or you may not even feel like you have it in you, but all women do and it is so refreshing to be reminded of it and even more life changing to be introduced to it for the first time.    As women we are so hard on ourselves and self conscious of the way we look.  We see beauty in every woman and it is so amazing to be able to show so many woman how gorgeous they look through our lens.   And the thanks we get from husbands and boyfriends is priceless.  “Thank you for showing her the beautiful woman I see everyday.” and “You gave my wife more confidence in herself than she has had in years by showing her she was beautiful in ways my love for her and words of affection never could.  I can’t thank you enough for that.”

This lucky lady’s boyfriend absolutely loved the album she gave to him.   Best Valentine’s Day present he has ever gotten 🙂  More to come soon so keep checking back!

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