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    Welcome to Devine Studios! We are so excited that you have found us! We have just launched this new site and are in the process of updating all of our new content. Please take a look around and see why we are one of the top boudoir photographers in the nation. If you have any questions give us a call or send us a message and we will get back to you.


Black Friday is Boudoir Friday

Instead of Black Friday, here at Devine Studios it is Black Boudoir Friday!  Starting now ladies can snag this awesome deal for themselves or men for that special lady in your life.  Men if your lady has ever talked about wanting to be photographed like this then this is your chance to really please her and yourself this holiday season.  And ladies you owe it to yourself to reawaken and discover new sides to your sensuality and beauty.   Don’t miss out on this amazing experience!


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This stunning lady booked this session to reward herself after months of hard training, but of course her long time boyfriend enjoyed these too:) Her goal is to be in several fitness competitions and man is she fit.  She is normally very minimal in makeup and feels most comfortable in workout clothes.  But man oh man did she really heat up the room after some sultry hair and makeup!   And her booty!  Oh my goodness, Kim Kardashian and J-Lo watch out!  This girl could give you a run for your money.  Stair steppers and squats are your friends ladies.  I love how she goes from soft and beautifully sexy, to vivacious and boldly sexy!  Those black and white booty focused shots are some of my favorites:)

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We have a gorgeous new client to feature on the blog.  Well we have a couple of new ladies but I need to get my butt in gear on getting them up here:) We have been busy busy busy with wedding season and shooting bridal and anniversary boudoirs.  And we have been getting lots of awesome feedback from the men about how beautiful and sexy their ladies look.  Which is music to my ears.  This bride to be totally rocked her session and knocked her groom’s socks off with these images.  And these are just a few of  the many incredible images.  I just love dolling women up and makeup them look and feel sexy!

Boudoir-Photography-Kansas CityI just love that black slip and garter she brought from Victoria’s Secret.  You can also find fun stuff at Target, Dillards and Nordstrom.  And local Kansas City boutiques like Clair de Lune and Birdies.  Also I could order everything from a store in New York called Journelle

Kansas City-Boudoir-Photography

We have a beautiful new lady to showcase on the blog!  Yippee!:)  It isn’t that often that we get a release from some of our amazing clients so I am always excited when I get to share some of the beautiful pictures we have created!  This session was a gift to both herself and her lucky groom.  To showcase her beauty and capture the body she has been working so hard on before they start a family and her body takes on another beautiful form.  Woman and their  bodies are beautiful when they are in their Twenties, while they are pregnant with precious children, after they have had their beautiful children and all the way to the end wrinkles and stretch marks and all!   I hope to see her back after her next stage in life to show her again how beautiful she is:)

Kansas City-boudoir-photography-Devine Studios

Bridal-Boudoir-Album-Kansas City-Boudoir-Photographers

Check out this gorgeous bridal boudoir album we just designed. All of the outfits featured except for the wedding dress and the white bra and underwear are outfits we have available in the studio! The beautiful lacy teddy, the garter belt and thigh highs, the soft ivory corset, and the lace veil. So soft and romantic. A perfect gift for your unsuspecting groom on your wedding day. Make it even more fun with a combination of romantic and spicy by adding some darker lingerie:)This is a gift both you and your man will never forget!


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