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Paul and Hannah Married-Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room

I feel like I have known this couple and their friends for years now 🙂  Even though it has only been a couple of years they are part of an amazing group of friends that we have photographed over the past year, and they all feel like family now 🙂  We adored Paul and Hannah’s energy and their affection for each other right away when we first met them.  After they left I said to Joe, “I might cry if they don’t book us!”  Thanks for not making me cry guys 🙂 lol.  I said this story recently because we just photographed Erica’s wedding in May. But here it is again because I think it is fun.  So Hannah and her good friend Erica had been busy planning their weddings and hadn’t gotten together to chat much.  So one day when they finally did get together they were so excited to tell each other about their weddings and the awesome photographers they had just booked.  Then it turns out they had both found and booked us without even knowing it.  So added bonus they get to see us at both weddings and we get to see them at both weddings.  Woo hoo! 🙂

Paul and Hannah are adorable together.  They are both so full of energy and life.  Hannah is ridiculously sweet and gorgeous as well as fun and Paul is super handsome, hilarious and of course a good caring man that takes good care of his lady 🙂  Whenever they are near each other they can’t keep from smiling or putting their hands on each other 🙂  They had us smiling and laughing all day.  There were even a few times I almost peed my pants… almost.  I can’t wait for you to see the love story and all the fun from their day.

Family and Friends can view their full gallery HERE

Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 1Yes please.  Hannah is going to look stunning in this dress.  She already looks stunning in her floral robe!  Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 2I love these goofy moments with her and her girls and this tender moment with her and her mother.  The ladies look pretty nice in those pink and coral floral robes 🙂Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 3Ahh!  It’s time to put that gorgeous dress on!  Things are getting real people.Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 4Um wow, just WOW!  She looks like such a classic beauty.Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 5Let’s check in on the guys.  Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 6Perfect, they are having a great time and they look extremely handsome!Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 7Time for the first look.  Hannah was so nervous and excited.  She was supposed to walk to him as he turned around.  But once he turned around she just froze, then her handsome groom came running to her 🙂  It was pretty precious 🙂Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 8Oh yeah.  Show it off Hannah!  They look so awesome together 🙂Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 9Quick break in the bar while we wait for the bridal party to come down.  Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 11Hey hey ladies.  Looking good!Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 12I love these photos of Hannah.  I love getting to use different backgrounds and lighting.  Of course she would look amazing no matter where I put her 🙂Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 13Hilarious bus ride.  This group was fun!  High Five!Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 14Silly boys 🙂

Finally.  We have the bride and groom to ourselves.  Time for some magic.Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 15Aww.  They look so cute together.  And Hannah is just radiating beauty.  Paul’s kinda handsome too.  Right ladies?!?Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 16Back to the air conditioned bus for more fun and to head to the church.Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 17I love when we get to do a first look with the dad.  A lot of dad’s are pretty emotional at seeing how beautiful their baby girl looks.  Especially in this case when that baby girl is his one and only.  She’s all grown up dad.  *happy tear*Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 18Adorableness!

I love the front of Our Lady of Sorrows.  Such beautiful columns!Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 19Some really special moments before the ceremony.Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 20I just love when Paul’s dad teared up 🙂

And Paul’s faces were pretty priceless as he watch his bride walk towards him.Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 21A lot of happy tears 🙂Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 22Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 23And then two became one.  They are married! Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 24Such gorgeous flowers!

The Monarch Room looked amazing!  I love all the lighting and uplighting and the city view through the window 🙂Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 25Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 26The entrance would be not be complete with out the K-State Fight Song!Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 27The speeches were both hilarious and thoughtful.  A lot of great moments and faces during them.  Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 28Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 29See?  A lot of laughter 🙂Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 30Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 31And they dance!  He starts off by twirling his gorgeous bride around the dance floor.  Pretty smooth Paul, pretty smooth 🙂Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 32Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 33Now the fun really steps up a notch. Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 34Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Our Lady of Sorrows-The Monarch Room 35

Thank you Paul and Hannah for having us be a part of your beautiful, amazing, adorable and fun filled wedding day.   We loved spending the day with you two!  And your friends and family are pretty cool too 🙂

Zach & Samantha Married-The Elms Resort and Spa-Excelsior Springs-Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City

Roughly 4 years ago we were lucky enough to photograph the wedding of Sam’s sister Becca and here we are again to capture another beautiful celebration of love with their family.  We are so thrilled we got to work with them again.  Sam and Zach are perfect together!  They are always laughing and smiling.  They balance and complete each other and it is a beautiful thing to see.  Sam’s niece Paisley was the flower girl and she was just adorable.  We may be a little biased since she is also Becca and Kaleb’s little girl 🙂  I just loved Sam’s dress and the jeweled jacket she wore for pictures and the ceremony.  It was so stunning and classic.  Everything  looked and went perfectly at the Elm’s Resort in Excelsior Springs.  I hope you enjoy the highlights from their day 🙂

Friends and family can view their full gallery HERE

Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 1Paisley had to get in on the getting ready process too.Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 2I thought it was so precious that they wanted a picture with Paisley in Sam’s dress.  Then the kiss afterwards was priceless.  And of course she had to help Aunt Sam get into her dress 🙂Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 3Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 4Whoa.  Who is this handsome guy?  Oh just the dashing groom 🙂Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 5I love when the guys horse around with each other.Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 6The library bar provided a pretty cool spot for a “cool dude” photo 🙂


Oh my word!  Isn’t Sam just stunning!?!?Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 7Time to get married!Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 8Paisley made it all the way down the isle then realized she never dropped any of her petals!  Oh well she can make up for it now, lol 🙂Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 9Happy tears!Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 10A lot of laughter and emotion makes for a beautiful ceremony.Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 11The Pastor knew them well and had plenty of fun things to say.  Which we thank him for, because those faces are priceless. 🙂Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 12Mr. & Mrs!Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 13Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 14Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 15They look amazing together!Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 16Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 17I love those last two photos.  So sweet 🙂Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 18The ballroom looked gorgeous!Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 19Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 20Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 21I love all the laughter and snuggles during their first dance.Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 22The speeches were pretty great and hilarious.  Good job guys!Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 23We had to sneak out for some gorgeous sunset photos before the reception started booming.  I love this one below.  The light, the passion, the love.  They nailed it!Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 24Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 25Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 26Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 27Who’s red thong is that?  Oh, yes of course, it was the flower girl’s.  And how dare the ring bearer try to steal it!Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 28

They needed a little alone time… so they snuck away in the elevator for a moment 🙂Wedding-Photography-The Elms-Excelsior Springs-Kansas City-Photographers 29

Zach and Sam thank you so much for choosing us to capture and be a part of your beautiful wedding day.  It was so much fun getting to photograph the final wedding of the Fender girls!  Yay dads!  They are all someone else’s problem now, lol.

September 24, 2015 - 1:26 am

Becca - Love the preview! The captions are great! 🙂 We enjoyed getting to work with you again!

September 24, 2015 - 7:23 pm

Lora - Thanks Becca. Paisley was ridiculously adorable all day! It was so great seeing you guys again too 🙂

Ryan and Courtney Married-Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Farm-Wellington MO-Linwood Lawn

I always love a beautiful farm setting for a wedding.  And it is even more special when you get to have your wedding at your parents beautiful farm.  For this Wellington, MO wedding we did their first look and their creative portraits at a beautifully restored mansion built in 1859 called Linwood Lawn.  It was such a cool setting for pictures.  Courtney, Ryan and their families put so much love and care into the special details of their wedding.  I just can’t wait for you to see all the fun moments, gorgeous portraits and unique and beautiful decor… SO GET TO LOOKIN! lol 🙂

Friends and family can view and purchase prints from their full wedding gallery HERE 🙂

Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 1Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 2Courtney gave her niece a beautiful handkerchief that she would keep and have for the day that she gets married.  It was pretty sweet. Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 3Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 4Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 5The ladies looked so lovely in this soft peach room 🙂Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 6Courtney is simply glowing! 🙂Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 7Aww,  happy tears 🙂Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 8Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 9Just gorgeous!Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 10Lookin pretty handsome gentlemen 🙂Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 11I loved the side of this building for pictures.  Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 12And I always love a good willow tree 🙂Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 13Time for some cute snuggles and kisses 🙂Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 14The light was so pretty in this hallway.Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 15Looking like a model straight from a bridal magazine 🙂Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 16So many adorable moments happened before she even walked down the isle.  Courtney was wearing the wedding ring of Ryan’s Grandmother who had recently passed away and that was a really special moment for his Grandfather.  The flower girls and ring bearer were awing at all the people coming into the church.  Dad is posing with the flowers and the moms have a special moment after they light the candle.  Love it!  Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 17Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 18Such beautiful moments during the gifts to the parents.  What great families they have 🙂Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 19No better way to exit for your reception at the farm than with a horse and carriage! Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 20Look at all those amazing details!  The flowers and table settings were gorgeous and the beer coolers set up in the back of those old trucks were the coolest things I have ever seen.  They also had a beautiful display of each of their mother’s and grandmother’s wedding dresses and remembrance pictures.  Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 21Pretty horses! 🙂Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 22And off comes the train of the dress!  Now she can really move and party 🙂Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 23Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 24They were really having fun with their first dance.  Then major tear jerker with the father daughter dance was her brother singing and playing the guitar.  It was precious 🙂Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 25Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 26The live band did an amazing job!

They thought of everything at this wedding.  They even had a cigar bar area for the men to hang out.Farm-Wedding-Photography-Wellington-MO-Linwood Lawn-Devine Studios 27

I see some past and current wedding clients out their on the dance floor 🙂  That made the night extra special to us.  Not only do we love this couple and their families we also had other amazing clients there too 🙂  Thank you so much Courtney and Ryan for having us be a part of your special day!

Abrie and Kelsi Married-Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Belvoir Winery

In Missouri or Kansas you never know when it is going to rain or how much at any given point.  So when you are planning a gorgeous outdoor wedding such as this one at the restored Odd Fellows Home it can be quite stressful.  It rained a little in the morning but then the sun showed up to bless their beautiful wedding and marriage.  Abrie and Kelsi are high school sweethearts who are so laid back and fun.  We had such a great time being a part of their friends and family for their gorgeous wedding day at The Belvoir Winery.  The grounds and old buildings provided for some beautiful backdrops and all the special people in their lives and their love and joy provided for some amazing moments.  I hope you enjoy the highlights from their special day.

Friends and family can view images from their full online gallery HERE

Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 1Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 2Aww.  Momma was so emotional and happy at how beautiful her daughter looked.  And she certainly looked beautiful!Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 3Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 4Who is this handsome guy?  Looking good groom.Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 5Kelsi had that card specially made representing the 3,577 days they have been in love.

First look time!  They were anxious to see each other 🙂Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 6Aww love.Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 7I love how everyone was spying on their first meeting through the window but the flower girl was especially cute 🙂Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 8Gorgeous building, gorgeous couple, gorgeous photos, but I may be biased.Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 9Thanks to the bridal party for tromping through some slightly wet grass for some pretty outdoor photos.  The girls were less than excited, but the bride was going for it so they did too!  After all she booked this place for it’s beautiful setting 🙂  Hopefully they are happy with the way they turned out.  I know I am 🙂Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 10Thumbs up.Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 11Old supposedly haunted buildings make for great backgrounds don’t you think?Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 12OMG they are so gorgeous and cute together!Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 13Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 14Now this is what bridesmaids are for!  A massage and a snack.  They took good care of their bride 🙂

Now let’s get married!Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 15Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 16Such a pretty gazebo.Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 17Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 18Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 19They did it!  Congratulations to the bride a groom!  Time to love on some guests!  Specifically little brother and dad 🙂Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 20It was a special treat that Grandma was able to show up.  🙂Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 21I love when the bride decided to show up the lady in the painting, lol 🙂  And then there is always amazing moments during the toasts.  Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 22Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 23During the Best Man’s speech he revealed after 4-5 years that it was them and Kelsi that pranked him and listed his car and phone # on Craigslist.  Apparently he never knew who was responsible until today, lol.  Priceless to catch his face.

The sun is setting!  Time for my favorite.  Sunset photos!Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 24Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 25And that sky!  Oh my goodness.  The couple is pretty amazing looking too.  🙂Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 26I loved how the light from the chandelier lit them up during their first dance, that and the blue sky coming in from the window makes my eyes happy 🙂  Oh and then their adorableness together 🙂Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 27Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 28“Smiling is my favorite” 🙂Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 29I have seen the shoe game at several weddings and it is something I have come to enjoy.  You get to know a lot about the couple and get a lot of laughs from the crowd as the couple often disagree on things like who is the messiest 🙂Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 30Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 31So many fun moments on the dance floor.  The bride and groom had some moves 🙂

But we had to sneek away for a few nighttime shots 🙂Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Belvoir Winery 32

Beautiful!  Congratulations Abrie and Kelsi and thank you again for trusting us to capture your beautiful wedding day.  We wish you all the best in your future together 🙂