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    Welcome to our wedding & portrait blog! We are Joe & Lora Devine and we are so excited that you have found us! We offer beautiful Wedding and Portrait photography in the Kansas City area. We are also available for travel. Please browse through our site to see exactly what we do and what we are about. If you have any questions give us a call or send us a message and we will get back to you.

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Black Friday Special-Boudoir Holiday Mini Sessions-Kansas City Boudoir Photography

The Holidays and Christmas are quickly approaching!  Don’t forget boudoir or beauty portraits as a gift to either yourself or your man.  This is one of the best gifts you can give yourself or him (something he can’t buy in the store for himself)  We love what we do so much!  We strive to help every woman feel more comfortable, confidant and beautiful in their own skin.  Every session includes hair and makeup so we can help bring out and highlight your beauty.  And don’t worry about knowing how to pose or make “sexy” faces.  We are experts at what we do and will guide and help you throughout the whole process.  It is so fun to see how beautiful you are through someone else’s eyes, and to us all woman are beautiful no matter what shape, age or size.

Holiday-boudoir-Special-kansas city-boudoir-christmas-gift

Spend and extra $300 and get a free ViewMaster or a 10 image accordion pocket book

And yes we use photoshop, but our goal is not to change you, it is to show you how beautiful you are to us, to your loved ones and to your man.  They say the camera adds 10 pounds and we plan on making sure you do not look 10 pounds heavier! 🙂  Have cellulite, stretch marks, some fat rolls here and there… Don’t worry about them!  Even though you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are, as a woman I understand what it is like to feel like your thighs look fatter in a photo then they do in person, or be disgusted at a beautiful picture of yourself because you have a little tummy roll or back fat going on.  So we talk to our clients about any insecurities and the level of photoshop they would like.  If you have stretch marks or wrinkles or scars and you love them because they are who you are then we won’t touch them!  But if you are more like me and would prefer them edited or softened then we can do that too! 🙂  Below are some examples of our studio looks and women from size 18 down to size 2.  Size doesn’t define you or your beauty.  You are a woman and you are beautiful!  Love yourself and treat yourself to a little pampering and some gorgeous photos!

Studio looks examples

There is a $200 deposit to purchase this discounted package.  You must place your deposit by November 30th, 2015 to get this amazing discounted deal and you must schedule and complete your session by December 17th, 2015.  The remainder of the package is due at your ordering session which will be about 1 week after your photo shoot.  If you are not able to complete your session by 12/17/15 then your $200 deposit is good until 12/31/2016 towards any regular session.

Kansas City Royals – Take the Crown -Devine Studios Style

Every now and then we have to try something different for fun and being the huge Kansas City Royals fans that we are…this was the perfect time. Last year we entered a Royal’s contest to win opening day tickets and we ended up winning! We even got the opportunity to go on the field before the game and talk about it! We had so much fun making the video (which you can see here “Be Royal Video” ) The rules were to submit an instagram video or vine video showing what it meant to “Be Royal.” They didn’t end up having a contest this year but I kept thinking about  “Take the Crown” theme and knew I wanted to do something with it. We ended up shooting this video and editing it the day the Royals won the World Series for the first time in 30 years! How cool is that?!?!?! Anyway…we hope you enjoy it and GO ROYALS!


TakeTheCrown from Devine Studios on Vimeo.

Dakota and Megan-Married-St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers

Oh how I love fall weddings.  It isn’t usually hot and the fall colors are simply gorgeous.  This couple is so sweet and so in love with each other.  Their joy is simply contagious!  Megan is a lover of photography as well and Dakota thought of the perfect way to propose to her.  Megan wanted a silhouette photo while they were on vacation at the beach.  She set up her camera on a tripod with a timer and after she hit the shutter button she walked back to Dakota as he knelt down on one knee and captured her own proposal!  How neat is that!?!?  I love that picture they got.  Way to go Dakota!  I hope you love the summary of their beautiful fall wedding day!

Friends and family can view and purchase images from there full wedding gallery HERE

She had his ring engraved with her own hand writing.  That was the first time I had every seen that.  I was pretty special 🙂

St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 1St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 2OMG those colorful fall flowers were perfect!St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 3Silly men 🙂St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 4Handsome men 🙂St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 5Dakota looked rather dashing and the ladies looked beautiful!St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 6Wow!  Megan looked radiant!St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 7The church was gorgeous outside and in!  The colorful trees in the courtyard made for a perfect backdrop and I love the soft coloring of the inside of the church.St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 8There were some really special moments while the bride was tucked away before the ceremony.St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 9I love that one of her holding her father’s hand 🙂St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 10Will the ring bearers walk down the isle?  Will one of them have a meltdown?  Will the Groom cry or get emotional at seeing his bride for the first time?  I know you are dying to know!  St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 11Ring bearers made it safety down the isle and the groom did get teary eyed.  How sweet 🙂St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 12Such a beautiful church.St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 13Married!St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 14That staircase made for some really beautiful photos 🙂St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 15Now time for awesome portraits of the bride and groom in that pretty church and in the gorgeous courtyard.St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 16Aren’t they adorable together?  I think so 🙂St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 17Seriously!  That color!  Those gorgeous fall leaves look amazing.  The couple looks amazing!  AMAZING 🙂St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 18More of the beautiful flowers and cake St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 19Her maid of honor got really emotional at the start of the speech.  It was super sweet. St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 20Oh the funny stories that will be shared during toasts 🙂  St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 21Time to dance!St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 22Lol, the ring bearer had a little bit of a diaper situation.  Don’t worry buddy, we’ve all been there.St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 23St. Joseph-Wedding-Photography-Kansas City-Photographers-Devine Studios 24Megan wanted to end the night with a sparkler photo for her monthly photo theme 🙂  I am glad she had them with her I love the way this one turned out!

Congratulations Dakota & Megan!  Thank you so much for having us as your wedding photographers.  It was such a joy getting to witness all of the love and laughter and beautiful moments that unfolded on your day.

Xing and Laura Married-Kansas City-Wedding-photography-The Hobbs-Feasts of Fancy

Oh my goodness.  I can’t even describe how much we have enjoyed working with this couple.  They are absolutely insanely adorably in love with each other 🙂  Laura is just as sweet as pie, funny and loving, and Xing is hilarious, outgoing and extremely expressive.  Xing is not shy.  When I asked how they met he said “I saw her sitting at a coffee shop by herself and I just had to go up and talk to her”  Boom, instant connection!  They are both so loved and cherished by their family and friends.  I am so honored we were able to capture all this throughout their day.  Just incase they don’t already know how awesome they are, now they have proof! Who doesn’t love proof of how awesome their love for each other is and how much fun they are?!?  I hope you enjoy the many highlights from their amazing day of love and joy!

Friends and family can view and purchase prints from their full gallery HERE

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 1Great opportunity to get some updated family portraits.  The lobby was a perfect space for this 🙂  Look at all those beautiful girls.  Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 2So many cute moments while they were getting her ready.  From strapping her in nice and tight to making sure she had plenty of sun block for their outdoor pictures and ceremony. Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 3This is just a glimpse into the hilarious expressiveness and personality of Xing. 🙂Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 4They couldn’t wait to see each other for the first time on the beautiful lawn at The Nelson Atkins Art Museum.  Xing’s face is priceless!Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 5Seriously.  How adorable are they?!?Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 6An encounter with them would not be complete without a few silly moments and some dancing 🙂Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 7Work that camera Xing!Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 8How beautiful does Laura look?!?  Just gorgeous! Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 9Aww I love snuggles 🙂Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 10And again!  Laura is simply radiant!  You’re pretty nice look too Xing, but Laura kind of stole the show 🙂Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 11No trip to the Nelson is complete without a shuttle cock and those gorgeous pillars.

How cute is their wedding cake?  Love it.Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 13A few more snuggles before the ceremony gets rolling.Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 14I love the best man and Xing practicing their speeches and the flower girls dancing in the yard before hand.  And that Laura’s mom wanted to sit with Xing’s parents during the ceremony 🙂Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 15Hello sun and hello gorgeous bride! 🙂Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 16Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 17I just adore all the laughter and sweet moments during the ceremony.  Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 18Oh there is more…Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 19And BAM!  Mr. and Mrs.Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 20Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 21Yay, there is that beautiful sun again!  And this time we have the groom in the picture.  Score!Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 22Family love!  Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 23Xing spoiled Laura with tickets to a Celine Dion concert.  Needless to say she was super excited!

I love all the moments during cocktail hour of them and their parents interacting with guests.  Expressive talkers are fun 🙂Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 24Let the reception begin!Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 25Some very sweet moments during the Father’s speeches.  And some more sweet plus very funny moments during the toasts.Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 26Stop the adorableness you two!  Jk don’t stop.  EVER!Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 27They looked beautiful on the dance floor.  Showed off some pretty nice moves too 🙂Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 28Now everybody dance!Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 29Xing dances and loves and has fun and does pretty much everything full tilt with all his heart.  It is fun to watch.  He rocked that dance floor!Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-The Hobbs Building-Feasts of Fancy 30And I love this last image of him showing off his beautiful bride all over the dance floor.  Thank you guys for having faith in us to capture your most precious moments.  It was a joy to work with your friends and family and we wish you a blessed and happy future together!