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Kurt and Megan Married-Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion

Our first wedding of 2016 is on the blog and such an amazing couple to start the year off with!  Kurt and Megan are a power couple, literally 🙂  Not only do they love weight lifting together (which is how they met) their last name is Power!  Megan first met Kurt when he became her personal trainer – nice work benefits 🙂  Of course you are not supposed to date your customers, but the connection between these two was undeniable, so an exception had to be made 🙂  It has been so wonderful being a part of their journey to and on their wedding day.  I love seeing the deep and fun connections our couples have with their friends and family throughout the day.  Megan is outgoing and fun and never afraid to dance it out in public when she feels the need.  She also has some serious muscles and impressive biceps.  I guess falling in love with and marrying a personal trainer has its perks 🙂  Kurt is kind, extremely caring and strong both physically and emotionally.  I love hearing their friends and family talk about them during the speeches.  The love and support they have given their friends and family really shows in their words and in how they give love and support back to them.  Here are the beautiful highlights and story of their wedding day.  I hope you enjoy all the beautiful moments and laughter and the beautiful photographs we captured.

Friends and family can view and purchase prints from their full wedding gallery HERE

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers1

When you love Disney World, you have to have custom Minnie Mouse bridesmaids hats 🙂

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers2

I love black and whites in fun window light.  She looks so stunning!

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers3

Well hello 007 Mr. James Bond!  Lookin good there Kurt.  Way to work that window light 🙂

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers4

Seriously the bride looks stunning here on these soft colored stairs with her all white dress and bouquet.  And whoa, holy moly-her figure in that dress!  Perfection!  Gotta love her momma showing off her white wedding boots and the Power P made out of flowers to start the day! Go team Power.

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers5

The men look pretty dashing and we even got her brother to smile, which is not an easy feat!

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers6

Absolutely love the flowering trees at Briarcliff park.  The bride and bridesmaids looked beautiful against all those white flowers.  Every wedding we are looking around at our surroundings and our subjects and searching our creativity and the moment for out of the norm spectacular shots.  I just love this shot Joe got of Megan as she was walking away through the flowering trees.  That’s a framer!

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers7

Kurt got his best men official Wrestling Champion belts and all of his groomsmen Wrestling Champion rings.  It made for some fun pictures.

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers8

I love how emotional Megan’s dad got when he saw her for the first time.  I mean how could he not, she looked breathtaking.  And her mother’s energy and excitement was adorable and kept bringing a smile to everyone’s face 🙂

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers9

Kurt also got emotional as he saw his beautiful bride walking down the isle towards him.  This was it.  The love of his life was now going to become his wife.

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers10

There was some fun lighting coming through the windows from the trees and it really added a uniqueness to these photos 🙂

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers11

So much beautiful emotion- smiles, laughs and happy tears are the best on wedding days

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers12

It’s official!  Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Power!  Now off to Kauffman Center for some gorgeous sunset photos.

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers13

I love how strong and warm the sun was coming in on them and the prairie grass in these last images.

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers14

So freaking adorable together!

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers15

Joe couldn’t resist the beautiful light coming through those flowered bushes, but it required sitting.  Good thing Megan and Kurt are always down for a great photo!  Now back to the reception to party!

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers16

Their intro was perfect.  They greeted the crowd like champions as Rocky music played.  Love it!

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers17

The speeches were thoughtful, emotional and hilarious.  I was definitely laughing and crying along with them.  Now let them eat cake!

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers18

The lights in the Pavilion looked amazing from the view on the starts so we had to get that kissing shot and them walking towards all of their guests 🙂

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers19

Ahh the moments.  I love first dances.  A chance to take a moment with each other and their parents and laugh, dance and cry tears of joy.  Now everybody dance and party!

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-Town Pavilion-photojournalist-photographers20

Thank you Kurt and Megan for choosing us and trusting in us to capture all the beautiful moments of your wedding day.  We are so blessed to be able to do what we do and to have clients like you guys that make it all possible.  I know the future holds great things for this Power couple.  We wish you all the love and happiness that marriage can bring! 🙂

Brantley and Lauren are Married-Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Stoney Creek Resort-Bass Pro

This was our last wedding of 2015!  And what a great way to end the year.  The groom is actually cousins of a wonderful bride we just photographed in July, so we got to work with this awesome family twice 🙂  It is such a small world sometimes though because Lauren (the bride) found us on her own without knowing her soon to be cousin was using us as well.  And I am super glad they both found us! Brantley and Lauren are such sweet, loving and easy going people.  I hope you enjoy the highlights of their wedding day as much as we did.  There are some fun moments and commentary to below 🙂

Friends and family can view and purchase prints from their full wedding gallery HERE

Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City-Stoney Creek-Bass Pro-Independence-Missouri 1Lauren made such a beautiful handmade box for the rings.  She is quite talented, maybe she should open up an Etsy shop 🙂  So what is going on above and below?  The bridesmaids are zipping her into her dress… then she is out of the dress and her Brother-in-Law is using his utility knife on it.  Well, the zipper broke off and they couldn’t get it reconnected.  So they thought they would at least try Macgyvering her into it before sewing her into it from hip to chest.  And thank goodness for him.  He cut out a few zipper spots at the bottom to reattach it and it zipped!  Yay!  Then they sewed the bottom and the top to be safe.  Ahh… stories to tell the children of your wedding day, lol 🙂  So I guess always have someone with Macgyver like skills and strong needle and thread on your wedding day just in case! Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City-Stoney Creek-Bass Pro-Independence-Missouri 2Lauren was so calm about it.  Either they were going to fix her dress or she was gonna get sewed into it!  Let’s check on the men…Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City-Stoney Creek-Bass Pro-Independence-Missouri 3Their room had tons of horse pictures and decoration in it and since my husband knows me so well he had to get pictures with some of it in them.  That and the groom is a farm boy 🙂  Oh and when there are antlers, you must be photographed with antlers.  House rules, lol 🙂  He is lookin pretty good.  Ladies am I right?Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City-Stoney Creek-Bass Pro-Independence-Missouri 4I have no idea what is going on above.  Some sort of shocking picture I assume, but I am super glad Joe caught it on camera.  His brother’s face still makes me laugh 🙂

Time for the first look!  Lauren looks radiant and ready to see her groom!Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City-Stoney Creek-Bass Pro-Independence-Missouri 5Aww… big sister couldn’t hold back the happy tears.  Sister love!  Looking beautiful ladies!

How about this gorgeous fall park behind Bass Pro?  Love the trees, love the color, love the light, love the couple in love 🙂Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City-Stoney Creek-Bass Pro-Independence-Missouri 6

Just beautiful!

Waterfall?  Yes please!  Waterfall plus sun coming through the trees?!?  Can I get a heck yeah!?Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City-Stoney Creek-Bass Pro-Independence-Missouri 7Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City-Stoney Creek-Bass Pro-Independence-Missouri 8So pretty!Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City-Stoney Creek-Bass Pro-Independence-Missouri 9I love these last few shots.  The stone and the colors look beautiful.  And the cuteness and love between them is perfect! 🙂

Time to relax before the ceremony and get pictures of that adorable blonde, blue eyed ring bearer 🙂Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City-Stoney Creek-Bass Pro-Independence-Missouri 10Cheers!  Now let’s get this couple married!Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City-Stoney Creek-Bass Pro-Independence-Missouri 11Sometimes you are super excited to be the flower girl, and sometimes you just want to throw your basket of petals down and cry until your daddy comes and rescues you.  I hear ya princess.  Don’t worry, no children were harmed in the production of this wedding day. 🙂Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City-Stoney Creek-Bass Pro-Independence-Missouri 12Beautiful outdoor ceremony by the lake, or pond, or pond lake.  Something like that 🙂Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City-Stoney Creek-Bass Pro-Independence-Missouri 13Yay for a few more gorgeous outside pictures!  Now let’s pray, eat and party!   (technically pray, eat, talk to guests, toasts, cut the cake, talk to more guests, dance, talk to more guests and dance some more, but you get the picture 🙂Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City-Stoney Creek-Bass Pro-Independence-Missouri 14Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City-Stoney Creek-Bass Pro-Independence-Missouri 15Kid conga line and the shoe game!Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City-Stoney Creek-Bass Pro-Independence-Missouri 16Oh my goodness this last picture cracks me up!  Kids, just say no to your parents spinning you around like a top! lol 🙂Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City-Stoney Creek-Bass Pro-Independence-Missouri 17Aww brother and sister dancing together and free pony rides for all!  Kids are adorable 🙂Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City-Stoney Creek-Bass Pro-Independence-Missouri 18That’s a wrap!  What a fun night!  Thank you Brantley and Lauren for trusting in us to photograph your very special day.  We wish you all the best in your future together! 🙂

Black Friday Special-Boudoir Holiday Mini Sessions-Kansas City Boudoir Photography

The Holidays and Christmas are quickly approaching!  Don’t forget boudoir or beauty portraits as a gift to either yourself or your man.  This is one of the best gifts you can give yourself or him (something he can’t buy in the store for himself)  We love what we do so much!  We strive to help every woman feel more comfortable, confidant and beautiful in their own skin.  Every session includes hair and makeup so we can help bring out and highlight your beauty.  And don’t worry about knowing how to pose or make “sexy” faces.  We are experts at what we do and will guide and help you throughout the whole process.  It is so fun to see how beautiful you are through someone else’s eyes, and to us all woman are beautiful no matter what shape, age or size.

Holiday-boudoir-Special-kansas city-boudoir-christmas-gift

Spend and extra $300 and get a free ViewMaster or a 10 image accordion pocket book

And yes we use photoshop, but our goal is not to change you, it is to show you how beautiful you are to us, to your loved ones and to your man.  They say the camera adds 10 pounds and we plan on making sure you do not look 10 pounds heavier! 🙂  Have cellulite, stretch marks, some fat rolls here and there… Don’t worry about them!  Even though you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are, as a woman I understand what it is like to feel like your thighs look fatter in a photo then they do in person, or be disgusted at a beautiful picture of yourself because you have a little tummy roll or back fat going on.  So we talk to our clients about any insecurities and the level of photoshop they would like.  If you have stretch marks or wrinkles or scars and you love them because they are who you are then we won’t touch them!  But if you are more like me and would prefer them edited or softened then we can do that too! 🙂  Below are some examples of our studio looks and women from size 18 down to size 2.  Size doesn’t define you or your beauty.  You are a woman and you are beautiful!  Love yourself and treat yourself to a little pampering and some gorgeous photos!

Studio looks examples

There is a $200 deposit to purchase this discounted package.  You must place your deposit by November 30th, 2015 to get this amazing discounted deal and you must schedule and complete your session by December 17th, 2015.  The remainder of the package is due at your ordering session which will be about 1 week after your photo shoot.  If you are not able to complete your session by 12/17/15 then your $200 deposit is good until 12/31/2016 towards any regular session.

Kansas City Royals – Take the Crown -Devine Studios Style

Every now and then we have to try something different for fun and being the huge Kansas City Royals fans that we are…this was the perfect time. Last year we entered a Royal’s contest to win opening day tickets and we ended up winning! We even got the opportunity to go on the field before the game and talk about it! We had so much fun making the video (which you can see here “Be Royal Video” ) The rules were to submit an instagram video or vine video showing what it meant to “Be Royal.” They didn’t end up having a contest this year but I kept thinking about  “Take the Crown” theme and knew I wanted to do something with it. We ended up shooting this video and editing it the day the Royals won the World Series for the first time in 30 years! How cool is that?!?!?! Anyway…we hope you enjoy it and GO ROYALS!


TakeTheCrown from Devine Studios on Vimeo.