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Greg and Melissa Wedding-kansas city-photography

This is such a beautiful intimate wedding with just immediate family.  We got to take the time to photograph in so many beautiful places and end the night with a cozy dinner/reception at The American Restaurant, which made for some very unique pictures.  We started out at The Hilton President, to The Kauffman Center, to The Church of Immaculate Conception, to The Liberty Memorial and finally at The American.  We had so much fun photographing the love and joy within this couple and their families.  I hope you enjoy the highlights from Greg and Melissa’s special wedding day.

Friends and family can view their full online gallery HERE

wedding-photography-the-president-church-of-immaculate-conception-american-restaurant-kansas-city-1Seriously. Melissa is so stinkin cute!  And pretty 🙂wedding-photography-the-president-church-of-immaculate-conception-american-restaurant-kansas-city-2Greg is pretty adorable and handsome as loved getting to do their first look in The President Hotel’s Ballroom.  It is gorgeous!  I also love how even though we pinned in her veil it immediately got pulled out when Greg grabbed her to pull her in.  He quickly learned the rule of the day – “Hands under the veil!”wedding-photography-the-president-church-of-immaculate-conception-american-restaurant-kansas-city-4“Come on baby, let’s dance!”wedding-photography-the-president-church-of-immaculate-conception-american-restaurant-kansas-city-5Never miss the opportunity for a cool mirror shot 🙂wedding-photography-the-president-church-of-immaculate-conception-american-restaurant-kansas-city-6Lol, their bridal party was all family and they were quite fun. wedding-photography-the-president-church-of-immaculate-conception-american-restaurant-kansas-city-7How adorable are they?  Extremely, I would say!wedding-photography-the-president-church-of-immaculate-conception-american-restaurant-kansas-city-8Way to work it Melissa!wedding-photography-the-president-church-of-immaculate-conception-american-restaurant-kansas-city-9I loved the light where the bride was awaiting the ceremony and the extra special moments with her father of smiles and laughter during their beautiful of my favorite ceremony “exit” pictures.  wedding-photography-the-president-church-of-immaculate-conception-american-restaurant-kansas-city-12And back to that gorgeous room and light! Next stop… gorgeous portraits at Liberty sky was amazing so we had to take advantage of off the camera flash and nail these shots!wedding-photography-the-president-church-of-immaculate-conception-american-restaurant-kansas-city-14I love this tender moment.  wedding-photography-the-president-church-of-immaculate-conception-american-restaurant-kansas-city-15This Cinderella didn’t leave her shoe behind, she had her prince take them off and carry them for her 🙂wedding-photography-the-president-church-of-immaculate-conception-american-restaurant-kansas-city-16Seriously in love with that first shot with that gorgeous ceiling in The American Restaurant and the twilight sky. wedding-photography-the-president-church-of-immaculate-conception-american-restaurant-kansas-city-17Greg’s got some moves.  Way to dip your lady!wedding-photography-the-president-church-of-immaculate-conception-american-restaurant-kansas-city-18The laughs and faces during the speeches were amazing.  Good job to all who gave a

Thank you again Melissa and Greg and to both of your families for having us there to photograph your special day.  We wish you all the best in your future together!

October 18, 2016 - 4:58 pm

Nancy Kula - Wow! Thank you so much for making Melissa and Greg’s “Most Wonderful Day” memorable!

If you are looking for a professional photographer for your “Most Wonderful Day” in the Kansas City area, Devine Studios are by far the best choice hands down!

October 21, 2016 - 8:51 pm

Joe - Thank you so much Nancy! We appreciate the love 🙂 It was so great working with you guys and we are blessed to be able to photograph such special moments for amazing families such as yours.

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