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Jeremy and Britni Married-28 Event Space-Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers

No that is not the groom of this wedding in these pictures, but that is my handsome hubby’s best friend and the older brother of the lucky groom- Jeremy.  And in this small crazy world, Jeremy and his brothers living next door to me, Joe and Bryan becoming best friends, and Joe deciding to get into wedding photography eventually led us to meeting, falling madly in love and the both of us getting the joy of photographing the special moments for Jeremy and Britni’s wedding.

So needless to say this wedding day was extra special to both of us.  I grew up with Jeremy and his brothers next door until they moved when I was about 12.  I would see them every once in awhile after that, but it wasn’t until I met Joe when he was photographing a friend of mine’s wedding that it would all come full circle again.  Joe and I are so happy that Britni and Jeremy were able to find each other.  Knowing Jeremy for as long as we have and seeing the positive impact she has made in his life is a beautiful thing.  They love each other deeply and passionately and I am so excited for them to start the next chapter in their life together.  I hope you enjoy the highlights from their special and fun day!

I double timed this wedding by also doing the bride’s makeup.  Since Britni is a cosmetologist I was extremely flattered when she asked if I would do her wedding makeup.  I knew she would look gorgeous if I hadn’t, but she sure does look gorgeous, doesn’t she? 🙂

Brian telling stories is always a fun and captivating time 🙂I love this last moment with Jeremy fixing up his brother’s suit.

Then Jeremy had to head off to help his handsome son get ready.

I don’t know if you are ready for this, but here comes the sun!  Britni that is 🙂 Oh and yes the actual sun too. STUNNING!And here comes the metal?  Yes, metal and handsomeness.Nice color choices.  Jeremy is looking good.Some really beautiful and emotional moments with father and daughterAww, Jeremy and his mom.  And then “here comes the bride.”I love the way he looks at her and the tears and the laughter.Oh the feels.

You can’t have a December wedding without getting some of the gorgeous Christmas lights in the photos.  So off to Crown Center we went!And I love these images in front of Union Station.  A few moments of first dance practice, some gorgeous photos and let’s go get this party started!Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Flynn!I love receptions 🙂This is one of my favorite first dance pictures 🙂 Such joy!

Thank you Jeremy and Britni for trusting us to capture such precious moments.  It has been an honor knowing you and being a part of your lives.  To many more memories and a long and happy life together!

Brian and Haley Married-Salina Kansas-Wedding-Photographers-Kansas City

I am so excited to share this beautiful wedding we photographed for Brian and Haley.  The reason we ended up photographing their wedding was unfortunate for them at first, but it lead them to us so it all worked out in the end.  We had worked with Haley before and unfortunately Haley’s already booked wedding photographer was closing his business and no longer responding to clients or showing up at their weddings 🙁  This is an unfortunate and extremely stressful situation for any bride and groom.  Luckily we were available for their wedding date and excited to travel to Salina to photograph their beautiful day!  This was the first time we met Brian, and we quickly found out he is such a caring, funny and kind man.  Haley is sweet, funny and very laid back and they make a perfect and quite stunning couple together.  It was so much fun hanging out with their bridal party and family.  I love the stunning portraits from the Salina Country Club and the sweet and intimate moments at the ceremony and reception.  There was also a lot of fun and dancing at the reception – My shutter finger was starting to get sore, lol 🙂   I am excited to share the highlights from their gorgeous wedding day!

Friends and family can view their full wedding gallery HERE

wedding-photography-salina-ks-kansas-city-photographers-1Aww, brother was so sweet when he saw his sister looking so beautiful.  He cried and then yelled at me to not take his picture, lol (he was joking of course – or at least that is what he told me 🙂

And then dad got a little emotional as well at seeing his beautiful daughter on her wedding day all dressed to go, but he didn’t yell at me for taking his picture 🙂wedding-photography-salina-ks-kansas-city-photographers-2wedding-photography-salina-ks-kansas-city-photographers-3Seriously, they are one good looking couple!

Let’s have some fun with the bridal party, while trying not to get hit with golf balls, path was so gorgeous with the fall colors.  Yay for a nice day and beautiful scenery! Oh and a stunning couple!wedding-photography-salina-ks-kansas-city-photographers-5Hey, hey good lookin!

I loved this little spot too.  The way the trees framed them and the sun hit their faces made me happy 🙂wedding-photography-salina-ks-kansas-city-photographers-6wedding-photography-salina-ks-kansas-city-photographers-7Aww, so cute together 🙂wedding-photography-salina-ks-kansas-city-photographers-8One last snuggle before they head to the church to get married!wedding-photography-salina-ks-kansas-city-photographers-9Such a beautiful ceremony 🙂wedding-photography-salina-ks-kansas-city-photographers-10Way to marry each other!

The reception space looked stunning 🙂 Time for some cake, toasts and dancing!wedding-photography-salina-ks-kansas-city-photographers-11wedding-photography-salina-ks-kansas-city-photographers-12Both of the speeches were great and very special.  I love it when a man cries at special emotion during the parent dances.

Now it’s time to party!  Unleash the dance floor!wedding-photography-salina-ks-kansas-city-photographers-14wedding-photography-salina-ks-kansas-city-photographers-15So much fun when dad got on the dance floor and boogied with his daughter 🙂wedding-photography-salina-ks-kansas-city-photographers-16Thank you Brian and Haley for having us photograph your wedding.  It is always an honor to work with amazing people such as you guys.  We wish you all the best in your future together!

Nathan and Molly-married-Kansas City-Wedding-Photographers-Peeper Ranch

I am so excited to share this beautiful fall wedding at Peeper Ranch.  Not only did we get to work with an awesome couple and bridal party we also got to work with 2 of our favorite people in and out of the wedding industry – Christine Darden with Celebrations of Love and DJ Fernando!  What a blast this day was!  After their gorgeous ceremony we stopped by Shawnee Mission’s beautiful park for some of my favorite bride and groom photos ever 🙂  I hope you enjoy the highlights from their day.

wedding-photography-kansas-city-peeper-ranch-devine-studios-1The girls were ready to go in their beautiful matching robes.  They just needed a bride to snuggle next to 🙂wedding-photography-kansas-city-peeper-ranch-devine-studios-2Yay!  Molly looks so stunning in her dress.  And I think all of her ladies would agree 🙂wedding-photography-kansas-city-peeper-ranch-devine-studios-3Now that is one handsome groom excited to see his beautiful bride!wedding-photography-kansas-city-peeper-ranch-devine-studios-4Their colors and flowers looked amazing against the fall colors and beautiful white  That is one good looking couple!wedding-photography-kansas-city-peeper-ranch-devine-studios-6 love fun candid moments 🙂wedding-photography-kansas-city-peeper-ranch-devine-studios-8The reception area is all decorated and ready for after the ceremony.  Time to relax and play for a little bit before we get this show on the love Nathan’s reaction to his bride even though he has already seen her.  He is so happy to see her walking down the aisle to become his off to Shawnee Mission Park for those gorgeous photos!wedding-photography-kansas-city-peeper-ranch-devine-studios-11Fun and beautiful bridge shot with the bridal party and of course one of just the bride and man.  That sun started hitting that magical time where everything gets all gold and glowy!wedding-photography-kansas-city-peeper-ranch-devine-studios-13I just love how the light was hitting them and the trees.  Favorite!

wedding-photography-kansas-city-peeper-ranch-devine-studios-14Time for speeches, cake cutting and dancing.  Lots and lots of dancing!wedding-photography-kansas-city-peeper-ranch-devine-studios-15So many fun angles to shoot from at this venue 🙂wedding-photography-kansas-city-peeper-ranch-devine-studios-16wedding-photography-kansas-city-peeper-ranch-devine-studios-17wedding-photography-kansas-city-peeper-ranch-devine-studios-18wedding-photography-kansas-city-peeper-ranch-devine-studios-19Lol. “Um where did the giraffe come from?”

Congratulations again Nathan and Molly.  I know your future holds lots of happy and fun memories.  We wish you the best!

Zach and Kim Wedding-Kansas city-photography-St Marks

Joe and I were both so excited to be photographing Zach and Kim’s wedding and I am so excited to post them today!  Of course we are excited to work with all of our amazing clients, but this one was a little extra special.  In the 2nd year we had started our business we photographed Kim’s high school senior portraits.  We then started photographing her sister Linda’s baby and family photos for several years.  So it was awesome to see Kim all grown up with an amazing man at her side ready to make a life long commitment of love and support. It was even better that it was like a family reunion and we got to chase all of her adorable nephews around again.  Kim is so sweet and funny and shares such a deep bond with her sister and loves those little ones so much.  So it is so wonderful that she found such a fun and awesome guy that loves her and her family just as much as she does.  He is her rock, and a pretty handsome one too! I hope you enjoy the highlights from their day  -filled with custom lego ring holders, a beautiful ceremony, happy and fun moments, gorgeous portraits, Star Wars and even a few Jedi and Sith lightsaber battles.

Friends and family can view their full gallery HERE

kansas-city-wedding-photography-st-marks-adams-pointe-1I love those custom ring boxes Zach designed, then the boys helped him build.  And speaking of the boys, they are coming up next.  So adorable! kansas-city-wedding-photography-st-marks-adams-pointe-2Oh my gosh, Kim looks so gorgeous.  She was already glowing when we arrived, but the dress and final details were stunning. Noah wanted to help carry her train around.  So cute!

There is her handsome man.  Hanging out with his guys and saying hello to dad and grandparents.kansas-city-wedding-photography-st-marks-adams-pointe-3Time for the much awaited first look.  Kim got a little teary eyed.  She was so ready to marry this guy!

kansas-city-wedding-photography-st-marks-adams-pointe-4We have photographed a few Baptisms at St. Mark’s.  It is such a beautiful church.  Luckily those big flowers in the back were already a part of their everyday decor.  Score!

Seriously those boys are so adorable. Although it looks like someone was catching on to us taking photos of him 🙂kansas-city-wedding-photography-st-marks-adams-pointe-5Such a beautiful ceremony and great spoken words from scripture and about life and love. I really love that picture of her sister smiling at her during the ceremony.  Such a special moment.kansas-city-wedding-photography-st-marks-adams-pointe-6I now pronounce you man and wife!  You may kiss your bride 🙂

We had to make sure we got some pictures in front of their memorable arched walkway before we headed out to Unity Village.kansas-city-wedding-photography-st-marks-adams-pointe-7

They were so cute and lovey during the bus ride.kansas-city-wedding-photography-st-marks-adams-pointe-8We almost lost a groomsman!

Umm WOWZA!  How gorgeous is Kim?!?!kansas-city-wedding-photography-st-marks-adams-pointe-9They are one good looking couple! Their bridal party isn’t bad either 🙂kansas-city-wedding-photography-st-marks-adams-pointe-10Silly boys 🙂

I always love beautiful flowers in pictures. These are some of my favorites from the day.kansas-city-wedding-photography-st-marks-adams-pointe-11kansas-city-wedding-photography-st-marks-adams-pointe-12I can’t imagine not taking pictures in front of this gorgeous arched doorway at Unity Village.  kansas-city-wedding-photography-st-marks-adams-pointe-13Enter the cake and Star Wars themes.

kansas-city-wedding-photography-st-marks-adams-pointe-14The bride and groom were welcomed by a special show of lightsabers to walk through.  And the best man’s speech was so good even the ring bearers enjoyed it 🙂

They had money jars by the cake and you put money into whoever’s jar you wanted to have the cake smashed into their face. kansas-city-wedding-photography-st-marks-adams-pointe-15Zach took that one like a champ.  All in good fun!

And speaking of fun.  Everyone is ready to get on the dance floor.  Especially the kiddos!kansas-city-wedding-photography-st-marks-adams-pointe-16Here come the Jedi Knight battles! I may or may not have participated in a few of those 🙂kansas-city-wedding-photography-st-marks-adams-pointe-17Thank you so much Zach and Kim for asking us to be a part of your special day.  I can’t imagine not being there.  We wish you the best in your future together and we know it will be full of joy and love.

October 22, 2016 - 1:07 pm

Kelsey Hughes - Kim, you were absolutely stunning !!! And props to the photographer her pictures are great !!!!!