About Beauty Portraits

As a woman I feel we are surrounded by beautiful images of models and celebrities in magazines, on TV and billboards everyday.  Those women are fortunate to work with several styling teams and talented photographers throughout their career.  I wanted to bring that type of experience to the everyday woman.  I feel so confident and sexy when I have the time to do my hair and makeup and put on a sexy outfit, but rarely do I have the time for that nor is it practical for me to do that everyday.  I love having pictures of myself looking like that to remind me how beautiful I am, though most of the time I am wearing simple jeans and a t-shirt, my hair is in a bun and the most makeup I have on is tinted moisturizer and mascara.


Our beauty portraits are a modern and redefined take on glamour shots.  I (Lora) wanted to combine my love of hair, makeup, fashion, and Joe and I’s passion for photography into an amazing experience for women.  Women of all ages and all sizes are beautiful and unique and I want to be able to make that shine in a way that no one has before and deliver our clients stunning images of their beauty that they can cherish for a lifetime.  Whether you almost always have your hair and makeup done or have never really done much with it, I want to bring out your beauty and freeze in time this gorgeous state of your life that is you, right now, so you can remember your beauty throughout the years.


First we start you off in the studio with some drinks and snacks and go over wardrobe options.  We have some great dresses, tops and necklaces that you can use to spruce up your wardrobe or try something different.

Then I style your hair and makeup based on how natural or glamorous you would like to look.  This part is my favorite and is where most women really feel transformed and more beautiful than they have felt in a long time.

Next we guide you through flattering posing and help you express your flirty side, happy side, and sexy diva side!  I know many of you right now are thinking.  “Flirty, sexy side?”  “I haven’t flirted in ages and have no idea how to make a sexy face.”  Well you don’t have to know how to do that.  We know how to coach those faces out of you and we will knock your socks off with our finished images!


Women and having their photos taken go hand in hand with concern about retouching or airbrushing.  We want you to still look like yourself in these images, while giving you the professional level of retouching that you see in ads and magazines.  This is where I feel like our photography really stands out.  You may not be a big fan of your skin texture and may have some extra weight you wish wasn’t there (which let’s be honest don’t we always have some trouble areas we wish weren’t there?)  Our approach is to refine your images so you don’t look overly photoshopped and all you see is how amazing you look!

So book your appointment today and be your very own Cover Girl!

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